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Mala - In Luv // Happy 4/20. To celebrate this day, infuse yourselves with this classic dubstep track from 2008. This is the genre before it became the formulaic, guttural mash of synths and beats it is now; a jarring listening experience suited only to packed dance floors and sambuca and a stranger grinding on your leg (although that’s not say I’ve never had a boogie to a bit of Nero). It was this type of stuff that branched out into the post dubstep and future garage associated with Mount Kimbie, James Blake and HTBY favourite Werkha. If you like this, you should also try Peverelist, Skream and Digital Mystikz. Oh, or you could even delve into the roots of dubstep with some cheeky dub from King Tubby. That should be enough links to get your session started… have fun.

Chet Faker - 1998 // I know I posted another Chet Faker track, the undeniably sexy Talk is Cheap, really recently but this new release from his forthcoming second album Built on Glass is banging. It’s a fairly straightforward yet engaging house track which will resonate with anyone who has accidentally slept with their best friend (or their best friend’s significant other). If you’re not a fan of lengthy electronic tracks, don’t worry - there’s enough variety here to sustain the entire six minutes. It might even help you decide that you like house after all…

Jamie xx - Sleep Sound // One day, artist Sofia Matiolli was listening to music on her headphones on a train. She noticed a girl watching her. When she took her headphones off, the girl told her that she was deaf but could feel the music through the movements Matiolli was making. The result is this wonderful video for Sleep Sound, the new track from Jamie xx which will be released on an EP with Girl on 5th May on Young Turks. It shows Matiolli dancing to Sleep Sound with 13 members of the Manchester Deaf Centre, who are responding to her movements and the vibrations in the air. The track itself is jaunty and upbeat and perfect for watching the flowers unfold into Spring. Lovely stuff.

Frankie Knuckles - Your Love // Rest in Peace Frankie Knuckles, thanks for all the music

The xx - Basic Space [Pariah Remix] // It’s always interesting for me going back to the first pages of HTBY. This tumblr started as a handy way of keeping track what I was listening to - it was just for me and no one else. There are quite a few things on the earlier pages that I’m not that into anymore, but this remix of The xx’s second single Basic Space is still a regular feature in my aural life. Pariah has retained the vocals in their entirety and added in an enigmatic synth progression, investing the track with a delightful creepiness. Well worth a repost.

Duke Dumont - I Got U ft. Jax Jones [Bondax Remix] // The original of this tune is a meticulously constructed summer hit, which will undoubtedly soundtrack the start of many slightly regrettable one night stands around the world (especially in the Balearic Islands and any student town in Britain). Add a little tenderness with this great remix from Bondax, which strips out some of the tropical tones and replaces them with disco house elements.

TLC - Waterfalls [Bixel Boys Remix] // I am a huge sucker for interesting remixes of 90s tracks. This is a cheery little treat that leaves most of the vocal line intact but extends the track into a punchy bit of house music. I’d say that maybe it could have done without the whole staccato bit in the middle which is a bit EDM for my tastes. However the portions of it which play around with the original guitar riff, looping it in and around some trumpet samples, are solid. Perfect for dropping into mixes, playing to drunk people at house parties and singing along to in the shower.

Daughter - Get Lucky [Shadow Child VIP] // This is an enchanting deep house version of Daft Punk’s 2013 hit “Get Lucky”. Although the original has been played to death on commercial radio, the substance of the tune remains clever and catchy and it’s nice to see it reinterpreted in such a fresh way.

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